Research activities

The activities of each research fields are shown.

Grid connection

Power leveling, Flywheel, Suppression of power pulsation
Fault Ride Through

AC/AC converter

Indirect matrix converter, Single-phase to three-phase converter
Three-phase to single-phase converter, Buck-boost type matrix converter
Multiplexed matrix converter

Multi-level converter

5-level active NPC inverter, 5-level PWM rectifier
H-bridge clamped inverter, Parameter design of converters

Motor drive

Permanent magnet synchronous motor, Induction motor, Sensor-less control
Parameter estimation, Power loss analysis, High-speed start up
Parallel operation system

DC/DC converter

Isolated DC/DC, Resonant type DC/DC
Series compansation, Parallel compansation, Snubber circuit

Wireless power transfer/High frequency

Pulse density modulation, Magnetic resonant coupling
High-frequency rectifier, Frequency multiplying circuit
Next-generation devices (SiC, GaN), High-frequency switching
High-frequeny transformer


Rectifier, Difital control, Gate drive circuit, Thermostatic chamber
High-voltage power supply, Mains terminal interface voltage