About Itoh lab.

"Power electronics" is a technology for efficient use of energy. This technology is widely used for home electronics, portable devices, even equipments with large power at the plants and so on.

Our group is researching about the power converters (PWM rectifier, Inverter, DC-DC converter, Matrix converter) with semiconductor power devices. Moreover, research on motor drive techniques, converters for renewable energy (Photovoltaic generation, Wind-power generation), the wireless power transfer, a smart grid and converters for electrical vehicle have been researching.
Especially, proposal of new circuit topologies and control methods have been done for downsizing of conveters. The policy of research is student becomes the main subject of the study and proposes a new research theme. First, it involves searching previosu studies and consideration of control methods with a simulation, making a prototype. Then experiments and data analysis is held with a prototype.